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It has not been a good year for me. I have considered removing this website entirely from the Internet. Although I am no longer writing regularly for Secrets of The Universe, I am still active as an editorialist. You will find a collection of linkes at the bottom of this page if you are interested in my stand up philosophy. Secrets is still mildly active; however, Joel does not have the time to continue creating regular comics for the site so he does not need me to continue providing the filler material that was paying for my auto insurance.

My 1995 GMC Jimmy has a serious problem that I have to correct. The fuel Injectors are leaking into the engine and repairs are going to cost more than I can find a source for. I have been putting in applications for over a year and my odds of winnine the lottery are looking good by comparison. Precision Tune is willing to work with me on the repairs. There is just no hope of me getting that kind of money together.

Aside from my inability to get constant work in the field, I enjoy programming. Most of what I do is piece work, meaning that I get paid by the job. Guru has not been able to provide much in the way of projects for me, so I have to get into something else. I am an unsteady driver and that gets in my way. Physical labor gives me time to think and I honestly enjoy wiring. If I can afford to remain here, the church will give me a chance to prove that.

Starting at the beginning, I finally joined Faith Baptist Church. I was re-baptized as required by the anabaptist observation that baptism always follows the profession of faith. Having already gone through the new member training, I was then eligible for membership. Some people thought that I was already a member. I avoid attachments because they are too hard to break and I held out 18 years before getting officially involved in anything around here. If I have to break away from this area, my attachment to this congregation will be the only thing that I will regret.

Now, I am with the tech ministry at the church. It seemed to be a good fit for me. I have been helping out with AWANA since last year. To continue, I will have to have a background check. A background check will be necessary if I remain with the tech ministry as well, since I will be working with children there too. This does not bother me because I was helping provide security with Metro Maryland Youth for Christ and had background checks for that.

I had been writing the editorials on Secrets of the Universe for the past year. It is the only thing that I have done on a regular schedule and I seem able to work on a schedule. All of the editorials that I have written are archived in my online magazine. Since Secrets of the Universe no longer has a regular publication schedule, I have been posting things to Associated Content. You will find links to my current posts in the iframe at the bottom of this page.

Once again, I seem to have allowed a full year to pass before I got around to looking over this site. It takes me a good bit of time to update the full site since it has outgrown the floppy disk that I used to store all of this on. It has been a long time. This page gets updated once a year, on my birthday, and I leave the live copy alone except for that.

Last year, I did get a winbook XL laptop and a newer digital camera. I wanted both of those for my trip to Ohio. Staying the full week, we went to the Creation Museum on Friday. The laptop was a place to store my digital images so that I would have the full storage capacity of both cameras while we were at the museum. I took half of a CD full of pictures during the week.

There have been a couple of computer jobs that I would like to have obtained in tnhe past year. My problem has been my lack of certifications. I have been getting free certificates from HP's website, however, I doubt the value of the pdf certificates that I have to print out myself. I am currently looking into getting some better certificates from BrainBench which I read about on slashdot. From the advice I keep getting, I would advise C++ and Java certifications.

In the year 2003, I got my first Amateur Radio Operator's license. My callsign is KB3JMC. Once I learn Morse Code, I will be upgrading my license and I will change my callsign when I earn the Extra Class license. It has come to my attention that the Morse Code part of the Amateur Radio License requirement will soon be removed. I still wish that I could get that. All things in God's time.

You may have noticed that I now have a little Amateur, Ham, Radio information on my website. I know that my spelling is poor -- I had a phonics problem. It seems that I only give myself about a day to update everything before the site goes live each year. Vanity is not much of who I am, so my vanity site doesn't get much attention. I'm not even sure that it gets attention. Look at how stale some of this is even with the rebuild. Behind the scenes stuff means more to me than appearance.

I make regular personal appearances at Faith Baptist Church if you're crazy enough to want to see me. I was rebaptized on October 1, 2006 and became a full member of Faith Baptist Church on November 15, 2006. I've been with the church a long time and it was time for me to actually join. [I do not identify myself by denomination. I am a Christian, loyal to Christ first. That seems to be true for all of the Southern Baptist groups that I know.] It seems that I actually enjoy the mission field and God has been good to me in that I have been able to afford to do a great deal of volunteer work. I pray that I can continue to afford the time and do the work in the future. In joining Faith, I changed denominations, but that had nothing to do with my delay. When I came forward, I had been through a believer's baptism and taken the new member training course in about two weeks so that I qualified for membership very quickly.

I left the United Methodists because I cannot compromise my principles and I feel that the Methodist denomination is placing popularity ahead of belief. Disunity is not worse than blasphemy. Unity within the body of Christ should be a goal, however, if it is no longer the body of Christ, then there is no point to the unity.

When the mood strikes me, I write a great deal on matters of faith. I've been finding it hard to write in recent months. Time is a main problem. Contact with the world around me also seems to have a corrosive effect and I am healthier if I can isolate from it for a few days a week. I still have my Dell Latitude XPI P100SD, which does not run as fast as the Winbook XL but is still useful. Neither of my laptops has much memory and I should replace the hard drives in both of them as well. My network now has a wireless router so I can access the files on my main system. Right now, I just have to put a battery and a wireless card into the laptop to reach my goal.

IN 2006, I did go on another Mission trip. This trip was to Gap Creek Baptist Church in South Carolina. Thus far, I have been on every mission trip where the church went south. In 2004, I went on the mission trip to Simms Fork Baptist church in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. I'm not that big on going north anyway. My family history is southern and that is where I am comfortable. I will go where the Lond leads me. Ohio did not count as South.

You will find that the icon for the Faith Baptist Church link at the top of my page is a picture that I took of the Simms Fork Baptist church while we were working on it. It took me until just before this mission trip to get these pictures. The camera that I used belongs to a friend. In 2006, I did not have a working digital camera. In Ohio, I had a 1 megapixel [kodak] camera and a 5 megapixel [argus] camera.

If you are into editorials, American History or political philosophy, then be sure to see a friend of mine: Brian Mark Weber. He used to write for Pariah Online Magazine but has moved on to actual print editorials. You can catch up with his current projects at his website.

My main hobby is Quantum Physics. I do not have a degree, nor have I had much formal education at it, but I do have a formula and several compatriots in my explorations. The area compressed into a linear wormhole is the area under the curve of [2CR²T/D²] where C= light speed, R is the radius of the event horizon, T is the duration of exposure and D is your distance from the center of the event.

I've learned, in my travels around the internet, that my paper has been discussed by intellects far greater than mine. For that reason, I plan to continue my research and update the paper when I have more to add. I would like to get my ideas on quantum energy and field acceleration down on paper before I do the next update. It would be best if I could actually demonstrate that one of my ideas works in the next few revisions. I have many ideas, but very little time to write them out.

My problem with all of this has not been the technology or the science. What I have trouble with is Man. I could not live with the consequences of Man's fallen uses for what it is given to me to create. It would be my monster. For that reason, I hold back and sometimes do not want to know if I can make this stuff work. I'm afraid of its secular uses. That's what holds me back.

Ideologically, I try to stand by the Constitution as it was written. Government is a necessary evil; both necessary and evil. If the Republican candidate does not stand by what my principles call me to support, then he does not represent me and I will vote for the candidate who does support me. Republicans expect results, not just talk. 'City Hall' belongs to the people and not to the politicians whom we allow to work there.

The United States of America was founded as a Christian nation. (Holy Trinity vs. United States.) In a Christian country, you are permitted to believe anything that you want, as Thomas Jefferson wrote in his open letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, however, your actions must not offend Christian morality. Lying to schoolchildren causes us to miss the reason why you cannot found a religion to permit any desired practice. (Davis Vs. Beason). If you want to know about the first treaty of Tripoli, do a little research to see why it says what it said and why the second treaty omits the offending statement.

It may be a sidebar to the subject, however, why do we rely so heavily on the words of Thomas Jefferson, appearing nowhere in the Constitution, when Jefferson was not involved in writing the Constitution? He was in France at the time and he did not even sign the document. James Madison was the father of the Constitution. The 52nd article of the Soviet Constitution does refer to a split between Church and state, however, Marxists support the elimination of all non-naturalist faiths. Naturalism, now called 'secular,' is their religion.

Over time, our founding fathers are being 'evolved' into a group of atheists. Here is an interesting quote that refutes the belief in Thomas Jefferson as a deist. "Of all the systems of morality, ancient or modern which have come under my observation, none appears to me so pure as that of Jesus. I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus."

Most importantly, we inherit from being a Christian Nation is the idea that Man is ruled by law and not by Man. Secular nations are ruled from the top down. Might makes right to coin a phrase. Without an absolute moral standard of right and wrong, outlawing 6 million people's lives is as just like outlawing murder. It doesn't matter that you can live a moral life without an absolute moral code. It's the fact that you have an absolute moral code if you do not break it.

Ruled by an interpretation-free sincerely-dead written constitution protects us from the tyranny in men's hearts. We are fallen creatures and will act it every chance that we get. People who understand this are drawn to the idea of Constitutionalism where the law of the land doesn't change without the consent of the governed. Thomas Jefferson warned us that the court was the greatest threat to the Constitution.

If you look at the Aruri government system that I created, you will see my dislike for allowing judges to rewrite their nation's Constitutions. The Constitution was meant as a contract between the governed and the governors. At the time, the governed implied the states which were directly responsible to the people that they represented. Can you really play a game when the rules are constantly being rewritten by somebody else during the game? That was a big problem in the past.

I also believe that teachers should be forbidden from getting teaching degrees. If you do not understand the subject that you are teaching, then you should not be teaching. Fads have no place in the classroom, except behind a student's desk. Children are our future, not our lab rats.

As time goes by, I am taking Mr. Weber's advice and becoming a columnist. You will see my editorial content published from time to time on Pariah's website, The Secrets of the Universe site and several other news sites where I comment from tiem to time. Most of my writing is finding itself in the Secrets of the Universe database that is linked from the non-fiction section of Pariah Online Magazine. There you will find sections of my Global Conquest Howto as it get it written and posted.

I doubt that you have noticed this, unless you have lived on the planet Earth for more than the past 30 seconds, but I have no love for 'email marketing.' If you believe that your junk is so bad that it needs to be defamed in my inbox, then expect me to say bad things about it and initiate the biggest bad press campaign in the world against you. You have been warned and, by hitting 'send' when you meant to hit 'delete,' you have agreed to my arangement.

Do not try to sell me anything by stealing my email address and sending junk email to me. I do not deal with anybody simple enough to fall for 'email marketing.' You have lost this sale and millions of others. The funniest of these are financial institutions that believe that they can do something as disreputable as 'email market' and still be trusted in matters of finance.

America Bless God--he's already done his part.

The last time 'Religion' got out of politics, gulags got in.