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  4. A Shadow's Tale*
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  6. Ice House Asetma**
  7. Giver of Lives*
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Given that I am somewhere between being a writer and playing one on the Internet, you would expect this to be my longest page. Unfortunately, it is not. Writing is what I do to express myself and I could not write for hire. The tirades that I do for Joel's site, Secrets of the Universe are usually paid work; yet I have full controll over what I am babbling about. Out of friendship, I do keep from saying anything that would get the site in trouble.

I have caused a little trouble when I wrote an editorial wondering why children, not monster children, showed up in Halloween ads as something that people fear. My question concerned us being afraid of survival, since there is no survival in the absence of children. Somebody write to ask if I was religious or something as though that was something bad. How did I wind up on this planet and when can I go home?

You can read my editorials in the non-fiction section of Pariah Online Magazine. There should be nothing really bad in there. Wordprocessors hide my bad spelling, when I use them. I did write the code that maintains and uses that database on Pariah. I'm even writing additional code so that I can automate the whole Pariah site. The backups on my hard drive are eating all of my drive space and it might be easier for me to keep a periodic dump of the database.

Most of my writing has been given away free on the Internet for as long as I have been connected to the Internet. When you have somebody paying you to write, you wind up having to surrender to the hangups of your employer. That is not the same thing as valid and constructive criticism. What I am talking about is the forced expression of beliefs that oppose the things that I truly believe in. This is also the reason that I avoid being referred to as an intellectual.

The cost of living, and hosting this page, has gone up over the past decade and I can no longer afford to keep that up. I am writing as much as I can for my online magazine, and doing tirades for Secrets of the Universe, yet I have to focus more on paying work than on my hobby. I did think long and hard about deleting this site rather than updating it for 2006. Pariah can only stay online while I can afford to maintain it.

Ice House: Asetma was completed by the end of 2006. From there, I have two more ideas in that series. I also have another idea about the creation of the society that The Timeater takes place in. In fact, I could do a prequel to A Shadow's Tale as well. Ideas are not my problem.

Ice House: Asetma is a book that I started writing with a friend of mine. We started work on it not long after we got out of High School in 1987. I finished it for his birthday, even though he left the project long ago. It does seem that I cannot write anything long without a partner. The Pariah Serial was written with a partner as well. My last big project was a never-ending story on Joel's site.

If you pay attention to Pariah's Non-Fiction page, you will see all the material that I am adding to the Secrets of the Universe Database. I'm not finished writing. However, if I have to move into something other than computers, I will shut down my entire online presence. It takes too much of my effort for something that will then have failed.

My writing, over the past few years, had been devoted to editing Pariah Online Magazine. We hope, in time, to have a paying publisher we can work with on manuscripts submitted to Pariah Online Magazine, but that is only a dream at this point.

Sams Publishing invited me to tech edit two Linux books. Linux Programming Unleashed: Second Edition and a Linux Socket Programming book that I don't have a title for. Both books bear my name in the credits.

I graduated from Long Ridge Writer's Group in 1993. To read samples of my writing online, consult Pariah Online Magazine which I edit along with a collaborator, Joel 'Cop' Furches. I'm trying to get other friends involved. Click on the Audio Story links on some stories to have them read to you in streaming MP3 format. We have moved away from the proprietary RealAudio format to mp3 and hope to also be able to use ogg vorbis format which we can stream directly from the apache web server that hosts the site.

The text files below and in the sidebar are my personal work and any commercial use of this material requires payment to me. Lacking charity would be an unchristian attitude, however, a man is worth his wages. I'm asking nothing unless you can afford it. If you're going to make money off of my work, or from works derived from my creations, then please remember that I have to eat too. All that I have and all that I am is at the service of my Lord.

This entire site is under copyright to me personally and the rights to material that I have only linked to will also be stated on this works. Please remember that.

I have actually made a few onlin submissions of things that I have written, although none of it has been accepted at this time. Provided that I keep this page, I will alert you if that changes before my next update in 2007. My writing style is an extreme first person focus that allows me to feel that I am actually a character living the story as I am writing it. Please also be warned that I have a dark edge still in me.

When I was writing free of my first person limitations, my writing would wander all over the place. The extreme first person style limits my mobility and keeps me on target. My darker edge comes from many things, not the least of which is my passion for extreme living. You will find my real life to be boring. I live through my writing, so it is all written as an escape. These extreme conditions under which my characters live, where everything is do or die, give me the feeling that life matters. This form of writing is my version of a high.

I hope that you can follow along in some of my made up worlds. The trip wouldn't be worth it without readers following along.

You will also find that I am available if you need a freelancer for something. A friend of mine suggested that I start an opinion column and you will find that I am writing a collection of editorials. I have a comment on most things. Ask and we can come to an agreement on using my tirades. Should the idea interest you, I have contact data on the other writers whose work I have posted on Pariah Online Magazine.

    From the comments of readers, I would list my best work as:
  1. A Shadow's Tale
  2. Timeater's Desert
  3. Mariah's Year
  4. Ice House Asetma***
  5. Giver of Lives

If my writing isn't plentiful or good enough, in your opinion, you can get a large number of e-books from Project Gutenberg.

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*** Okay, so nobody has even told me that Ice House: Asetma is good. You will find that it is far better than any of the books that I have written entirely on my own. I have been shopping around for somebody to either take over this project or help me to get it polished up enough for publication. There are two more books in this series that have yet to be written.

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