VPL 4.x
This page, used here with permission, was originally created by Armin "Nikita" Trott of Spaceport Hamburg. The site, although still linked here, is no longer active.

Race construction team

The incredible amount of work I (Nikita) am spending at Spaceport Hamburg has made me cancel work on new races for VPL 4.0 . But I would like to encourage other people to continue this work. My main idea was, that the races in VPL 4.0 should be much more alien than in VPL3.x . Beside Lizards, Crystals and Robots, all races of VPL 3.x seem to be humanoid, about 2 meters in height, and even Lizards and Robots would prefer this 50 degree temperature. How boring! And if you look at those Draconions: just another humanoid race, fitting in the usual black & white, good & evil scheme. So if you guys could come up with some more alien races, somthing different than the incredible good or incredible evil humanoids, I would be very happy.

Since I inherited this page, I have not done much to maintain it. That is a real shame, although it is also the truth. I'm collecting resources for this page if you have anything to add.
--Admiral Coeyman


Tims Requirements

You need a race picture and symbol, you need a written back ground of what the race is like and you need art work for the ships, fighters and ground units.

The Preferred format for these images is BMP.
Race picture is 300 X 200 or larger.
Other Pictures are 160 X 120 in size, 256 or more colors.
3 views of each ship:    Top, Side and on an Angle. Backgrounds must be black.
1 x-ray image of the top view of the ship.
1 View each of 3 fighters ( Black back ground )
1 View each of 3 ground units ( The ground is the background )
The race midi is optional.
None of the buildings require minerals to build them, only supplies.

Important facts about VPL4.x

There WAS a lot of stuff on Tims VPL 4.0 page. A rival game company, not Animal Tech Games, used the contents of this page to attack Tim's work on version 4.0, thus the page was taken down. This page has been redesigned and is currently back up. No date has yet been set for beta testing. Some of this is from Tim's page, some is from his FAQ and some are Tim's answers to my mails and those of other authors in our cooperative.

Basic Plan

Well do this: get all the Art work done, write a short General race outline. And a rough outline of what powers and ships the race will have. After you have seen and play tested version 4 you can go back and revisit the race idea, adding new things deleting things that just will not work. The RacePack has Race version number, the race ID number, race name, stats, special powers. Leader BMP, symbol BMP, 3 fighters 3 ground units, short race history / background. MIDI and a list of ship hulls it can build. Races have only the race midi--all other sounds are generic. Tim will compile the racepacks, with the greatest concern being that somebody will create an unfairly powerful race.

Race Pack Format

version As Long racenum As Long (FED = 101) nm1 As String * 44 ' Long Name nm2 As String * 20 ' Short name nm3 As String * 30 ' Leader name nmgov As String * 30 ' Governent Type FarmLow As Long ' low farm climate (0 to 99) Normal = 40 FarmHigh As Long ' high farm climate (1 to 100) Normal = 60 FavClimate As Long ' climate this race likes the best Normal = 50 PlanetStruct As Long ' structs that this race can build ' bit 0 ' bit 1 Government Center ' bit 2 Base Shield ' bit 4 Resort ' bit 5 Labor Mine ' bit 6 Labor Camp ' bit 7 Training center ' bit 8 Smugglers Cantina ModMoney As Long Normal = 100 ' Double = 200 ModMine As Long Normal = 100 ModHappy As Long Normal = 100 contraLikes(1 To 12) As Long 'Rating of how much a race likes a contraband item 0 to 100 combatCrew As Long 'Combat rating 1 to 100 combatColonist As Long combatTroop As Long combatHighGuard As Long pilotcrew As Long 'Fighter pilot skill 1 to 100 pilotTroop As Long pilotHighGuard As Long deltacolcrew As Long 'Rate that crew is trained from colonists to crew deltacrewtroop As Long deltatroophg As Long growthrate As Long 'Birth rate (1 to 100) forcedark As Long (0 to 100) forcegood As Long (0 to 100) pcfactor As Long Policial Correctness (0 to 100) spifactor As Long (0 to 100) psifactor As Long (0 to 100) leadership As Long (0 to 100) lifeform As Long 'bit flags ' bit 0 ' bit 1 Humanoid (ugly bags of mostly water) ' bit 2 Humanoid / Animal ' bit 3 Cyborg ' bit 4 Machine ' bit 5 Silicon based ' bit 6 Lizard / Humanoid ' bit 7 Transdimensional Energy Being ' bit 8 Lovecraftian ' bit 9 Living fire ' bit 10 Sentiel Plant ' bit 11 Consuming Darkness ' bit 12 Being of Light ' bit 13 Avian / Humanoid ' bit 14 Insectoid / Humanoid PR As Long 'Public relations 0 to 100 law As Long ' How lawful the race is 0 to 100 resortE As Long ' flag of what a resort does for race ??? cantinaE As Long ' flag of what a cantina does for the race ??? shipB(1 To 40) As Integer ' the ship hulls that can be built (The race's ship list) PodSpeed As Long ' How fast a cargo pod can travel under boost (10 to 100) End of current format

short Map Legend

- maximum pod speeds About 100 - can build smugglers cantina? resorts? A long that acts as a bit flag - can use prisoners? labour camps? labour mines? A long that acts as a bit flag (1 is yes?) - attitude towards every native races? PR and PC and LAW effect that in general (insectoids like Robots. Does my race like them too?) That is a veriable flag that I set - attitude against every other race? (Does my race really like the Draconians?) PR - spying factors for my race against every other race. (chance for succes) SPI and the FORCEs - same for smuggling Law and Forces and ship design (Stealth factor in ships) - what should be the influence of High Guards on several topics? Greatly improved law and order, increased combat skills - modifiers for ships and fighters, as you call it engine modifiers, weapon-modifiers, impact of weaponry on ship parts, fighter range, fighter speed, -... etc. etc. etc. !!! Deadline for new race-packs: WAS July 1998 !!! Work is still going on and new races are being designed even though this date has passed. Race programmers cannot finish their races until the game itself is finalized, thus there is an unwriten extension.


more than 1 race can own a planet. 26 different buildings. There are limits on some things to one, like the Government center, because you only need one any more would be a waste. The limit on farms is linked to climate. Things like factories and mines have very high limits 10,000 or so. It is not linked to population or climate, only money. There used to be 30, but lobbying by Timo of the race author's list convinced Tim to cut 4 buildings. Race authors are now permitted to create up to 4 unique buildings for their races. 3 units with race specific functions. These can be combat units or something widely different. Some structures use resources every turn and others, like farms generate resources each turn. food, medical stuff, and good old: supplies, minerals and money. You can always ship in MedUnits from other planets with a MedLab. You will start the game with a large supply of Med Units. no native-government-type No tax system. natives can be moved and are using their own ships Planets have weapons dumps and part storage. 5..40 ship hulls for each race. ( 5 to 20 is a good range.) Hulls have damage modifiers with a normal setting of 100. If set to 50, weapons would do only half as much damage to these parts. Modifiers are for: modparts (part modifier) modsys (system modifier) modeng (engine modifier) modlife (Life support modifier) modhyp (Hyperdrive modifier) 3 types of fighters, Each defined by: > beam (1-100 indicating strength, number and type) > missile (1-100 indicating strength, number and type) > odds beam > odds missile > Max Range the fight can flay alone > Armor from 0 to 10 > Evasive Mod 0 to 100 (100 is best- 1 is cheap junk) > Attack Mod 0 to 100 (100 is best- 1 is cheap junk) > cost > range missile > range beam > Max speed (1-200 with 200 top) > Generator ( 1-40 Power generated per second ) > Batteries ( 1-500 Power stored in the fighters batteries) --Power is used to fire weapons. > Ground attack mods: Against ground units: (1-100) Against Ground troops: (1-100) Against Cities: (1-100) Against air defenses: (1-100) > Defense ( Ratings of NOT being shot down ) Against Air Defenses: (1-100) (Anti-Aircraft guns) Against Troops: (1-100) Against ground units: (1-100) Race-dependant assault units do cost money, but do not use mineral resources. The max is 10,000 units each. You can control which ones will be built. There are 3 fighter types and 3 ground units for each race to pick from. The Fighter plants and Assault plants don't use minerals to produce fighters and assault crafts. They require MC only. ships can have - up to 5 aux generators for additional power. - up to 20 engines Valid max ship speeds are: 13 15 20 40 45 50 80 90 105 110 120 190 - beams - fighters Maximum 20 bays and 100 pads per bay. A fighter wing, can set a chain of 6 waypoints just like a ship. - torpedos - up to 10 point defenses - sand casters One of the Large Weapons now - up to 1 super weapon 5 Proto-Matter Bomb 4 Anti-Matter Maul 3 World Crusher Missile 2 Nemesis Torpedo 1 Super Laser To which race-specific properties can be added..... - 30 small weapons\ / this may include torps, bombs and beams,.. ALL small weapons are the same size. - 20 large weapons/ \ ..i do not have specific information See Tim's Page for more information. Large weapons come in different sizes. The mounts are: 30,40,50,60,150,700,800,2000 A ship with size 150 mounts, can use any weapon with a size of 30,40,50,60 or 150 LARGE weapons can only be used on larger ships and do a lot of damage in any single shot, however, they take a long time to recharge. - ALL races use the same weapons. - Super Weapons can have abilities based on race. - 20000 kt max cargo - 20000 max crewmen - shields. The shield limits are: (No data on what this measures) 30,40,80,210,350,400,900,1000,1500,3000 - Armor. Maximum armor is a number from 0-3000 - Moral penaltys possible after a flagship is lost in combat. Cargo Pods Yes, when a pod is launched to an X,Y in space or at another planet the pod will travel at that speed until it reaches its target. If no target is given the pod will just orbit the planet it was launched from waiting to be towed or loaded into a cargo bay. - The Pod pad builds them when you load and launch them. - They cost 25mc each to make. - You can make an unlimited number of them as long as you have the money. - They are there when you need them, if you have the money. - Top speed (1-100) specific to each race. - You can keep pods with weapons, engine parts on the planet surface. other new aspects: - time travel - prisoners - contrabands - space monsters - psi - High Guards - Nemisis Torpedo. Fired into the sun, it destroys small mass ships and fighters. - ship plan theft. The ability to steal plans is a special race ability. All ships carry one blueprint in the computer and capturing that ship will give you that set of blueprints. - Movement in ion storms. There is a device which allows ships to not cloak, but maintain full manouverability in ion storms. - You have the option of landing on an enemy planet and not destroying any enemy buildings, just some, or all. You can also add enemy buildings to your own. - There are a few things in the game that generate cash: farms and cities. Cities: - A City or an Undercity require 100000 colonists. - You can build the city without having the full number of colonists. - If you have less that 100% of the colonists in the city you will get only a % of the MC and they will use some of the supplies the city requires. - For a City you need to build a MedLab at 425 MC. - You will recieve some money from the colonists and natives even if you have no cities. time travel means: a ship or a base can vanish for some turns and reappear later. May be even on another place.


The picture is still under construction!

Historical overview. The Dalarahn evolved on a planet with a high gravity and an awesome atmospheric presure. This resulted on their warlike appearance -- stocky massive skeleton, firm skin (more likely a natural armour), infrared vision, a radar and sensorica tentackles (right below a highly specialized trunk) to track their enemies and quarry in their dence atmosphere. These survivals of the past are supposed to have made them a superior ground warriors. This hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that no Dalarahn planet has ever been conquered.

Anatomically the Dalarahn look like some sort of an upside down turned egg with a head and two massive tentackles.

Concerning ship classes I can tell I have their names (Dominator Class Cruiser, Exgumator Class Battlecarrier etc.), ideas and hand drawings of hull types (2 mentioned above and one heavy tactical fighter). All these need 3D meshes, surface maps and so on. I do have more hull types (3D and plain) but they belong to other my races, their appearence has no common features with the Dalarahn -- they simply do not seem to belong each other.

And the last for today -- I will inform you when this page is updated as regularly as I can. If there is a possibility or you have some free time please visit this page at least once per two-three days.


*** this is only a first idea. detailed work will be done soon ***
In great numbers, they would be very productive, could build very huge structures and would reproduce very fast. in slow numbers however, they wouldn't reproduce at all and wouldn't be able to do much. The ships would be very big and impressive, the beeings would look like an ant. Science would be a bit slowed down for insectoids.

Masters of time

*** this is only a first idea. detailed work will be done soon ***
a race of mysterical beeings. they actually live in another dimension. they visit the echo-cluster to study low dimensional live-forms. They can leave and enter our dimension any time. However, when they leave our dimension to pop up on another place in our dimension, they have no (or limited) influence where they would reapear. they also make sience progress faster than other races. But they have a low reproduction rate, and they do not like fighting. If they get the command to fight, they may prefer to simply jump to a more pleasant place in space. tim is implementing some kind of time-travel into VPL 4.x. If I would know more about it, it would be also a subject of advantage for this race.

Deep Space beeings

*** this is only a first idea. detailed work will be done soon ***
a race, living in deep space they would look a bit like whales. They immerged on asteroids with no atmosphere and hardly gravity. They do not build starships, they ARE starships. They need no fuel to move, they simply eat particles in deep space and absorb sunlight. They can "build" or "be" or "convert to" huge ships and starbases, but they have difficulties with gravity. To colonize planets, they need a lot of machinery. All planet activities are less effective.


If you check the storyline and the race specification of the Draconians, you won't find anything new. Just another evil empire, just another human looking alien race. This really shows a lack of ideas.
However, the ship-pictures are looking very professional. If we want to compete with the Draconians, we have much to learn and much to do. But let us try!
I have simply gathered some Draconian pictures, they are representative. But if you want to see more, go to the DEN.


I think my guestbook on top of this page would serve as a good discussion platform. However, there are sometimes things that are of no interest for other people, so you may prefer to mail. I will keep the mailinglist up to date. The list is in alphabetical order. And here comes a link for mailing to all members of the list.

Admiral Coeyman
.. Creator of Wormhole addon and inventor of the "Networkers", one of our new races.

Nikita, (Armin outside the echo cluster)
..host of spaceport hamburg and creator of this page. I want to do some coordination for our team, run this page, gather information and develop the 3 races I have suggested. If necessary, I would start making artwork, but I guess there are more skilled people for this job.

.. is a player at spaceport hamburg and has some (a lot?) graphic experience.

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