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Linux Stuff

My Online Experience

Until I became involved with Faith Baptist Church, I was something of a recluse. My online life was my life. When I got my first IBM compatible computer, I became heavily involved with local BBS and had a good reputation there. I used to be able to learn almost anything and that is what I did online. The amount of information available online, even before the Internet was publically available, was astounding. It was the kind of stimulation that I had been looking for.

If I could get away without running any Windows varient, then I would run only Linux and some exotic operating systems that I have found online. I enjoy exploring, even though my mind has slowed considerably. Computers was a good field for me to work in. It meant getting paid for solving problems and learning things. Unfortunately, the industry is now flooded and it is paperwork, not skill, that drives the industry. I do not have paper certifications.

I first got online through the old Prodigy network before the Internet was open to the general public. Hearing about the operating system called Unix I stumbled onto the Linux operating system before that was as big as it currently is. I've been online for a long time now. Maybe I have been online for over a decade. My memory cannot tell me when I was offline.

Last year, we created The Del Capri's website. We have come a long way. I now recompile Linux Kernels and all the server software that we use. None of the server software seems to work, as I get the source, and I always have to hack something to make the compile work. The problem is that there is so little money in it that I cannot make a living with what I have been doing all these years. It has always been a pleasant experience to sit up nights getting things to work.

We are smart enough to work at night when there is nobody online to see any outages. I keep the new servers where they will not be used by the general public until they have been tested. If I had the drive space, then I would mirror the servers where I sit while working on the software. I would love to be able to make a living doing this.

I worked on Captain Thom's website, doing the PHP code and MySQL database access for the site's online store. My online magazine, Pariah, uses both a Berkeley Database and Postgresql through custom CGI programs that I wrote in the C programming language. I'm always up to a new programming challenge. Website design isn't something that I do alone, since I'm not much of a graphic artist; however the mechanics behind the site are mine. As an artist, I'm a writer. You will find my digital spacecraft models on this site and through the Crayon World links.

My main programming language is assembly, although I'm developing proficiency in C under Linux and even a little Visual C++ under windows. I've been working with C++ Builder 5 from Borland and am moving my Windows programming to that environment. It's experience and the people who are occasionally good enough to contract me usually run Windows. I'm not fond of the Standard version of C++ Builder. It's only good enough for learning the basics. I'm supporting Borland for its support of Linux development.

More recently, I got my first usable copy of Microsoft Visual Studio. I am learning to work with that. This version of Visual Studio was created for website development in c# and that seems to be a valuable skill. I have to develop a steady income due to increased costs associated with living in the people's republic of Maryland. Online work is best since I am not much of a driver and uncomfortable with bright lights like the Sun.

My skill with the free raytracing program Pov-Ray has improved. I use it to do the graphics on Pariah Online Magazine, especially with the Ice House Asetma series linked from our Serials Page. You will also find that I have my own page at Crayon World which features all the source files for The Aruri race. The two eyes actually come from the Ice House series and that file is not hosted on Crayon World.

I have been active in writing code for windows under assembly. Development tools are expensive and I cannot afford to keep them up to date. Learning to work with windows under assembly also gives me insight that I can use when working with the Wine Project. My Linux code experience, as well as my time with Long Ridge Writer's Group, led to me being contracted to tech edit Linux Programming Unleashed and a book on socket programming.

I'm working on some daemons for Linux automation here at CornerNET, including the idled daemon, the radius server, and a user management daemon which works on a custom database. In high school I studdied Fortran, my first compiled language, although it's been a long time and I'm rusty at it. Currently, I am a developer [ hacker ] on the dos aspect of Wine [Wine Is Not an Emmulator] I haven't been as active at it as I once was.

I began working with wine so that I would not have to reboot over to Microsoft Windows to playVga Planets which I haven't had the time to play in quite some time. Vga Planets was written by Tim Wisseman and we are currently beta testing version 4.0 throughout the VGAP community. Now, I can use VirtualPC or Bochs to run multiple Operating Systems at once on a single computer.

You can download my Linux projects here. Idled was a program which we used to use to enforce time limits on ppp users. For users of Icradius, I have Mod_radwho for apache. We use this Apache module to monitor user logins. As of this writing, the latest version is 3.0. I'll keep the current filename linked to the latest release for simplicity.

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