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Apache mod_rewrite and examples
What is mod_rewrite? Mod Rewrite allows you to change the URL that everyone sees when they visit...
Views: 10891
Create a temporary one page site
Also known as a landing page or an under-construction page.This is the perfect solution for a...
Views: 38241
Default ownership and permissions
When a new CornerNET hosting account is created, these are the permissions set on it, and files...
Views: 22263
Easy way to customize our website templates
CornerNET's 4500 downloadable templates sure look tempting, but how can one use them without...
Views: 29313
How do I request SiteBuilder?
You can make a request using the SiteBuilder request form found here.
Views: 1484
How do I request SiteStudio?
You can make a request using the SiteBuilder request form found here.
Views: 1430
How to get on the search engines, Google
You do not need to contact Google to become part of their search engine. Google and other engines...
Views: 38104
How to move a Drupal site from one host to another.
Here are the detailed steps how to successfully move a complete Drupal installation from one host...
Views: 44858
How to use robots.txt
What is the purpose of the robots file?This file tells search engines what they should and should...
Views: 46073
Is Agora Cart available?
Agora Cart is no longer available in cPanel.Instead, you can download the installation...
Views: 1744
My Google search results are wrong
Google's results vary due to many factors. The same search back to back can yield different...
Views: 8427
Web Application Framework
A web application framework is software that aims to reduce server work associated with common...
Views: 2125
What do I need to have an online store?
Despite what many hosts want you to think, having an online store doesn't have much to do with...
Views: 36249
What is a RSS Feed?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds provide news headlines, brief article descriptions and...
Views: 57372
What is the difference between domains vs hosting vs website?
There are three basic parts that make up any current day web site:1. The domain name2. The...
Views: 13503
When will my domain start working?
When will my domain start working? Propagation If you have a new domain name, you must change...
Views: 1745
Where do I go to login to my control panel?
If you recently purchased a new account with us, you should type the following information into...
Views: 100731

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